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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's a review on ACME affiliate program

Here is a review done by Morris Gitonga on the ACME people search engine. In a nut shell it sums up the benefits to be gained from signing up with the ACME affiliate program. All the potential earning walls for experienced and newbie entrepreneurs alike have been knocked down giving everyone a chance to achieve their life long dream of working from home.

"What is the Acme people search Affiliate Program? This is a self branded customizable free people search engine. It is an affiliate marketing tool that any affiliate marketer anywhere can use to generate affiliate commissions from nine different affiliate programs rolled in one program.

With this tool any affiliate can build residual income streams from APS, GDI and GVO using the built in referral program. Affiliate marketers can use the tool to build their list and explode their business profits with a lot of less effort and money.

The Acme People Search Affiliate Program combines the power of the internet with the high demand for people search results which stand at 30% of all searches in Google and Yahoo.

This super affiliate program uses automated marketing systems and sales funnels to provide yourself not your business opportunity to profit immediately through affiliate and cash flow programs and to effortlessly sign up new leads in your business.

The Program was created to address the four major problems faced by all internet marketers.

Lack of leads

This is the lack of quality people to show your opportunity to after you have exhausted your list of family and friends. The Affiliate Program generates unlimited quality leads on complete autopilot.

Lack of money

An internet business takes time to produce any reasonable income and in the mean time affiliate marketers run out of money before they get to profit. With the Acme People finder Affiliate Program you get into profit easily and quickly.

Lack of real marketing training

The Acme people search community of successful & helpful users provides real affiliate marketing training by affiliate marketers.

Lack of duplication

With the program you can easily on complete autopilot help your referrals to get money into their pocket in 90 days which increases retention rate.

There are four main components of the Acme People finder Affiliate Program namely:

Lead generation

This is the lifeblood of your business. The APS program is a lead generation tool that will assist you increase your lead generation effort.

Personal branding/Relationship building

People join people and do business with those they trust. Relationship building is vital for success in this business.

Autopilot cash flow

With the Acme people locator program, you will get into profit quickly with multiple income streams on complete autopilot.

Down line Team Building

The Acme People Search Program enables you to sign up new GDI and GVO distributors quickly and increase retention.

Can you imagine yourself generating $1000's online in just days from now? Yes you heard it right $1000's in just days guaranteed". This is the single most effective way to make money online.

It is truly an absolute breakthrough in the make money online industry. If you don't know this then you are missing out on the best ever secret "Guaranteed" to help you make real money online. So are you ready to make some $1000's within the next few days? Read on to discover it right now.

Article Source: "

There you go people, joining the ACME people search engine program
seems to good of an opportunity to miss. There are now 12 income rather than the 9 quoted in the article and the number is growing. The ACME
program will make you a very good income stream but to get there you have to live by the ACME motto "Learn to Earn". If you follow this motto it's not a matter of "will?" you succeed but "When!"


Need another review?

Here is another review on Tissa Godavitarne’s ACME people search engine program. It is common practice to review a product before you buy it and affiliate programs are no different to any other online money making products. There are thousands of people getting scammed out of their hard earned dollar every day (I‘m one of those thousands), and there are several reasons for this.

1. You’re a get rich quick hunter – Getting sucked in by all the hype of how somebody made millions in a couple months, all you have to do is join (pay that person) his/her online money making affiliate program and S/he’ll share his secret formula to success. I’m sorry but this happens to a really low percentage of people in search of online success.

2. Fail to see that online affiliate programs are a business. Which means like any business it has to be built from the ground up, and this, my friends take time and patience.

3. Learn the most valuable tool there is to online success, how to advertise your site effectively, free and paid methods.

back to the review

As this is an unbiased review and not just a sales pitch, I must point out a few drawbacks you may have noticed in Tissa Godavitarne's ACME People Search Affiliate Program, that you might not see on the sales page.

Like any other program there are some things that are hidden. These are things that they might want to make money from, of course this is a business and we're all in it to make money, right?

There is no upfront cost for your ACME People Search engine; however, at the end of your first 30 days you will be required to pay $29.95 per month to keep your search engine at the 100% level. Also, to start branding yourself you may be asked to purchase your own domain name and hosting account in order to build a residual income with GDI.

A very good training program is also offered to you that will assist you in learning all about marketing on the internet. This will require a monthly or an annual fee as well.

Now these are options that you can choose on your situation.

This is not a fool-proof system despite what some people might have you thinking….why?

* Not everyone will make money from Tissa Godavitarne's ACME People Search Affiliate Program, but is there a program that everyone makes money from?

* To customize your website you will either have to learn HTML or pay someone to do it for you, if you want to change how your search engine site looks. This is also optional.

* Is Tissa Godavitarne's ACME People Search Affiliate Program Right For You?

Now, The ACME People Search Affiliate Program is not for everyone: Rather, it is…

(a). For people who have a desire to start making money on the internet for whatever reason.

(b). They are willing to learn and put in the effort that is necessary to accomplish their goals.

Are you like any of these people?

* A single parent who is sick and tired of not being able to spend quality time with their kids because of their work schedule.

* A disgruntled worker who might be tired of the corporate workplace and desperately wants to work from home and enjoy life, without undergoing the constraints of a job(that‘s me).

* Someone who is comfortable with their career, but would like to make some additional income to allow them to take a much needed vacation, buy a new car or give more to their favorite charities.

* A retiree who is struggling to pay the bills, whether it be from buying prescriptions, making the house payments or taking care of everyday expenses.

* A college student who needs some extra cash to take care of their expenses.

* A humble person who is experienced in business and marketing, but would like to offer their experience by helping others to achieve their goals, while generating additional income.

If you fit the general descriptions of any of the above, or so many others, then you might want to consider the possibilities that are presented here with this program.

Now, the training given to you on the webinars by Tissa will only teach you so much. To truly make good money with your search engine you will have to learn effective marketing techniques like PPC, article marketing, ezine advertising and others.

Even by signing up with an experienced person you will still be required to keep learning on your own, so that you're able to follow their instructions and be able to implement your own marketing campaigns to make this work.

Remember, with any program you must do your due diligence before joining.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

See how members who are using this system are quietly building their GDI downlines and how you can plug into this system without spending a single dime and get $125 Bonus GUARANTEED - Within 24 hours after joining.

Article Source: "

As I touched on at the start of theACME people search engine you have to treat it as a business not some get rich quick plan. Godfrey got on talking about the costs involved and I agree 40 dollars a month may seem a lot, but think of it this way, try running an restaurant for 40 dollars a month and see how much you earn compared to your online ACME affiliate program.

So for all those that chase get rich quick programs, I’m sorry the acme affiliate program isn’t for you. For those who are willing to put forth the effort for their success then, look no further.

Technorati claim 7DFXPFTW4UGQ


Is searching for people free?

This is a great article by Tina about locating people for free. There are countless of people who want something for nothing, locating people is no different, but like most things in life you have to give a little to get a little. Here Tina explains how this works when it comes to locating people and where the payments comes into play.

"Free people locator services are typically services i.e. websites and companies that focus on helping with locating missing people online or offline. In recent years online people locators have gained popularity and have totally dwarfed the offline services. Now why don't you continue reading to learn more about how you can use these free services to locate someone.

Some of the characteristics of these services are as follows ( read these right to the end before you use any of the tools so you are well prepared and avoid surprises - yes there are plenty especially in terms of hidden charges).

They offer partially free services

This is a majority of them. You can rarely find a service that offers either an absolutely free people finder service or a 100% paid service. Most of them will start by letting you access a few details of the data you are looking for and when you try to query more information they then request you to pay.

You will often find those that require you to register free of charge before you access any of their information. In my view this may be a good idea, which can in turn be of good use to you. Say when someone close to you decides to look for you in a few weeks time or even in years to come.

They offer too many options

Say you are looking for someone called "Bob Smith" think about how many Bob Smith are there in the US alone. Now most of the free people locator services are unable to narrow down the information for you. You can, however, find some that are absolutely great at doing this hassle free i.e. they simply offer more options to use to narrow your search.

This section is for those who have the following question:

How can i locate someone free of charge or at no charge?

We have done this in various ways. Mainly through our trusted partners like – Free people search
and other paid services like USsearch . However, our main focus over the past years has been to help people through providing content that can help as a content based free online people locator. There are two ways that you can use to locate people online. That is, you can pay for it or do it at no cost. Let us consider the free alternative briefly.

locate people without paying any money

This simply means you can use a totally free people locator online to search for whoever you are looking for at no charge. Now this can be tricky because there are so many services that you can use. This is where we come in. Most of these free people locator services will provide you with very basic information and require you to pay for further information. You need to be able to find those that you can use to locate people without and paying for further information.
There are plenty of such online. In fact you can use them to find people's home and cell phone numbers, email address, previous home addresses and more. In fact you can even use them to find out who is looking you up or who is viewing your profile online. Interesting isn't. You can try out here > click here free people search

While you can use the totally free people locator available on this site to locate people on the web free you can also try out these few tips: Free people search

Use search engines like Google to find anyone free online. There are some search operators that Google and other search engines provide in order to search for people free online.

Use social networking sites: Websites like Facebook has over 200 millions people registered and you there are some various products that you can use to sift through those millions for free. In fact there is a program that you can use to sift through all the top social networks instantly to locate someone free online.

You can also use whitepages available online. Although this is not a full proof strategy to use when you are looking for someone for free but it is certainly worth a try.

Do what we do, use an online free people locator like the one provided in this page above. This is the fastest and easiest way to do it. Sometimes they may ask you to register in order to access their database. Our recommendation is that you sign up – that is if you are really serious about locating someone free of charge.

Article Source: "

She is quite right in that in today's society nothing is %100 free. Most free people locators will give you information up to a certain point for free, tempting and taunting you so you'll pay for the results you so desire.

Is everybody on a social network?

Most people these days try hook up with old friends via social networking sites, but is everybody on them? As far spread as Facebook and all these other social networking sites go sometimes to locate people you need more conventional methods ie phone number, email address etc. That's where the free peoples search engine come into play as explained here by Mark.

"There may be some nostalgic times when you recollect some great times you had with your friends in school or a childhood crush or even your first girlfriend. Unfortunately, after school you never got in touch with them and there is no way of contacting them today.

Well the good news is that it is not completely true. With the online people locators service you can get back in touch with some of your oldest contacts and acquaintances. Regardless of if it was some one you met last month or a decade ago, you can contact them and relive some fun times.

They recollect old times?

If you contemplate such times, you may often also think whether they recollect you, whether they recollect the old times? You could get the services of an investigator to obtain this information. These services are excellent as you can get detailed results within a week. However, the services come at a steep price. If the end result is disappointing, the pricing may not be justified.

Online people locators

This service is not just effective for finding people who have been staying in the same place all along. You can use the service even to find people that have a tendency to keep moving places every so often. If that does not work out well, if the person is elusive enough for even the people locators to fail, you'll at least get the contact details of their relatives which can be used to reach the person you want.

How about looking at your friends in person?

How would it feel to meet old relatives or friends after a decade long separation? Just to have the opportunity to look at them in person and talk to them can erase all those years in a moment.

It would be an unforgettable experience. With this online people locators service you could be reuniting with your high school friends or crushes sooner than you think. If you need information to find someone and want real results, try the online people locators service available nowadays. Visit MyLife

try it for free now!

Article Source: "

The internet is everywhere, but not quite everyone is on the internet bandwagon so your going to have to make contact with them the old fasioned way, by picking up the phone! For those people looking for that special friend form the past try using the free people locators to find that phone number or email address you've been putting off for so long.

Good luck reconnecting with that special someone from the past.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let me introduce you to ACME

Welcome to Acme people search engine. Now let me present to you the whole package that Acme has to offer and I hope you will be motivated to reach the great heights of online business. There is no reason why anybody cannot succeed in Acme people search engine. We have the signature products :

-People search engine-Integrated referral program
-We have the signature supports :
-Fantastic group of members who are experts in their respective specialization
-Unsurpassed hyper active support forum.
-Fully integrated systematic back office.
-Unique compensation plan.

Can these real Acme people search facts motivate you further?
$2.2 millions in affiliate commission paid to Tissa Godavitarne in 2007.
$626,226.55 in Acme referral fees paid to 698 affiliates.
$48,455.30 paid to 125 forum Super Sponsors.
$1,875.00 loaned to 123 impoverished entrepreneurs.
What would stop you from your Success?

Well you of course.

Learn:: Help :: Share : : Earn : : Explode
Acme people search is not a get rich quick scheme. It is just like any serious legitimate and real business that you will succeed if you are willing to learn hard, work hard, and focus hard. So do you have confidence to earn now?

sign up here